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Summer Session #3: Womanist Liturgies For Transforming Churches


Dr. Alisha L. Jones is really looking forward to a wonderful week at GHOST RANCH, NM teaching this seminar. Join Rita Nakashima Brock and Sylvia Thorson-Smith for a creative process of creating worship resources for Advent, in the beauty of the New Mexico area where Georgia O'Keefe painted (her house is nearby).


In considering the crucial role of effective ritual and art for communities and social transformation, participants will use their experiences of multiple cultural forms and their particular talents to create new liturgical resources for church life. These resources will reflect the liberative work of diverse women, with attention to different generations–including music, prayers, poems, visual arts, litanies, and sermon ideas. Participants will explore ways in which the beauty of Ghost Ranch grounds us in loving the earth as a core value that informs worship. With opportunities to work individually and in groups, the seminar will create liturgical resources from our experiences and wisdom that offer transformation of Christian worship beyond traditional forms.

Special attention will be given to how differences in race, age, class, sexuality, ethnicity and gender inform theology and biblical interpretation and inspire womanist/mujerista/feminist creativity — particularly in the spheres of new art forms and rituals. Men are welcome to participate in the creative work. The seminar will meet for part of the time together to discuss their insights and ideas. They will also meet in working groups based on interest: 1) music; 2) visual arts; and 3) poetry and literary arts. In creating resources for worship, the seminar will focus on the lectionary texts for Advent 2015. Participants will be able to discuss insights and offer creative work at an open forum that the class will offer to the Ghost Ranch community. Read more

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