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Editorial Reviews

"Flaming? is a rich work by a scholar who offers major theoretical insight into African American and Africana religious expression and practice... [Jones's] work confirms and confounds expectations of what the religion scholar produces, and which areas of religious studies may benefit from her sites, methods, and analysis." -- Vaughn A. Booker, Dartmouth College, American Religion

"Bold, disruptive, and erudite, Alisha Lola Jones' Flaming?: The Peculiar Theopolitics of Fire and Desire in Black Male Gospel Performance is a thoughtful and necessary intervention into the lives and representations of Black men. How we think and write about Black masculinity, the Black Church and
Gospel Music will never be the same." -- Mark Anthony Neal, author Looking for Leroy: Illegible Black Masculinity

"This remarkably rich, multisided ethnography of gospel music by ethnomusicologist Alisha Lola Jones is praise-worthy in every hill and valley of its analysis. Scholars interested in music from every discipline and denomination of study including ethnomusicology, sociology, American studies, queer studies, and religious and ethical studies, among others, will be aflame by the outstanding fusion of intersectionality, queer sexualities, and its inclusive gendered body and sonance from the Black men in the contemporary music ministry." -- Kyra D. Gaunt, Ph.D, Ethnomusicologist, University at
Albany, SUNY

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