Our personal giftedness is often hard to assess. We are not trained to self-reflect on our

extraordinariness. Yet, we are equipped with tools and attributes that make us unique.

There is no one exactly like us. No one has our perspective or experiences.


What would happen if we embraced our gifts? Well, when we embrace our gifts, we find

our rhythm, we flow better, and the universe aligns with our purpose. I believe that as we

discover our personal giftedness, we become even more generous to others because we

realize that that there is room for us all to win

I want you to win.


Being a winner doesn't mean that you have obtained perfection but rather you are able

to consistently tap into your personal highest and best, regardless of the competition

and especially under pressure.




let me be your midwife for finding your rhythm.


It takes a person with diverse experiences to consult you. They have to have a well-

developed exposure to various perspectives in order to give you cutting edge advice. 


My varied experiences in the most competitive and high performance spheres of FAITH,

MUSIC, THOUGHT-LEADERSHIP and CREATIVE ACTION have coalesced to equip you 

with tools, as you become your highest and best self.


All the highest and best to you,


Alisha Lola Jones, Ph.D.


While “Highest and Best Use” is a term used in real estate to appraise the best value of

property, Alisha Lola Jones has adopted this concept to help people find their rhythm for

greater impact in performance, academia, and the marketplace. This concept has inspired

her brand as a “Highest and Best Life Strategist”, as she provides consulting based upon

her successful navigation in the most competitive international academic, performing arts, pageantry, and leadership spheres. Using the resources found in music and faith, Highest and Best Life Strategist Alisha Lola Jones enlarges your capacity to do all things well.  


Alisha is available for the following services:


Music consultant Dr. Jones with hip hop literature scholar Dr. Regina Bradley and their boss12 Years A Slave film director Steve McQueen at the premiere of the Soundtrack of America at The Shed NYC.

"I had no idea how effective Facebook could be in building sisterhood until exploring some of the groups that are available on that platform. This year, through a mutual friend, I was invited to join Move & Shake: Academic Women Connecting in the Journey. This is a group powered by Dr. Alisha Lola Jones with Insight Initiative, Inc., which seeks to provide a “safe space for sisterly and affirming women of color… from various backgrounds, gathering to share and ask real questions about how to make it academically, socially, professionally, and within our relationships.”


"If you want to learn about black sacred music, you MUST study with Dr. Alisha L. Jones"

-- A McCormick Theological Seminarian

Dr. Alisha L. Jones with her pupil La'Quentin Jenkins following her presentation at the Congregational Music Conference.

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