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Summer Session #1: Womanist Liturgies for Transforming Churches


It’s time for women to create more new art, music, and liturgies that will transform our churches! Effective worship is crucial to social transformation, and participants will use their experiences of multiple cultural forms, their particular talents, and the ideas of womanist/mujerista/feminist thinkers and researchers to create new liturgical resources for church life. These resources will reflect the liberative work of diverse women and men, with attention to different generations--including music, prayers, poems, visual arts, litanies, and sermon ideas, as well as being informed by the history, context, and theologies of diverse early Christian spiritual practices based in life-affirming, this-worldly, communitarian ideas. With opportunities to work individually and in groups, the seminar will create liturgical resources that offer transformation of Christian worship beyond traditional forms. Special attention will be given.. Read More.

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